Walk through the Manteling and visit Westhove Castle.

The Manteling is a coastal area with forests, dunes and hiking trails. The area protects the north of Walcheren against sea winds, which can sometimes be quite violent. This made the area a fine and sheltered place to build houses, castles and outposts.

Discover the forests and estates of the Manteling.

A number of the houses and castles and their gardens can still be visited. The estates, surrounded by beautiful forests, make the Manteling a great area that invites you to hike and explore. The picturesque beauty of the Manteling is evidenced by the works of Mondriaan, which he created inspired by the area. Do you recognize the tree in his works? Breathe in the fresh air and visit the outposts of Duinbeek, Berkenbosch or Westhove.

A drink at Westhove Castle.

After the necessary effort, settle down in the café or on the terrace of Westhove Castle for a thirst-quenching reward. The medieval castle is not far from the beach and now serves, among other things, as a hostel and wedding venue. Did you know that the castle was in the hands of the insurgents (Watergeuzen) during the Eighty Years' War? Visiting the medieval castle with its towers and moats is also a fabulous experience for children!

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