The Domburg-Mondriaan route.

We know the painter Piet Mondriaan as a pioneer of abstract and non-figurative art. His abstract style with surfaces and primary colors, however, was preceded by a whole development. Captivated by the light of Zeeland, the painter spent his summers in Domburg from 1908 onwards. During a walk or bike ride through Domburg and the surrounding area, you will come across well-known places from his works. Do you recognize the church tower of Domburg, which he captured on canvas in 1909? Or the Domburg windmill from that same year? During the Mondriaan route, you will also pass De Hoge Hil, the Marie Tak van Poortvliet museum and the painter Jan Toorop's studio.

The play of light.

For Mondriaan, it was not about depicting reality as realistically as possible, but rather capturing his own perception. The play of light played an important role here. The painter has carefully studied the dunes and beach near Domburg. Take a walk to the beach and pier and see the world through Mondriaan’s eyes. Can you see how the light affects the color of the sand and water?

Visit well-known locations from Mondriaan’s work.

Via the Domburg-Mondriaan route you will visit places that you may recognize from the painter's work. A perfect opportunity to learn more about the life and work of the painter, to discover Domburg and its surroundings and to be active in the meantime!

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